Safer research project - Support & assesment for fall emergency referrals

The SAFER 2 Trial

Care of older people who fall

The SAFER 2 trial will measure the costs and benefits of a protocol for use by emergency ambulance paramedics in the care of older people who have fallen allowing the paramedic to assess and refer appropriate patients to a community based falls service.

Why is the study necessary?


Falls in older people have high human and organisational costs. Emergency 999 attendances to this group accounted for 8% of the total ambulance response in one year in London- of these calls, 40 % were not conveyed to hospital. This group is high risk for further falls and injuries. Recent UK policy changes have encouraged the development of alternative models of care by ambulance services, including enhanced paramedic training. and community-based referral pathways.

What are the aims of the study?


To assess the benefits and costs for patients and the NHS of new protocols allowing paramedics to assess and refer older people who have fallen to community based care.

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